4 thoughts on “Marr Plan: Most Ignored Story of 2019?

  1. The BLM has no business managing horses, they are rancher infiltrated and now those ranchers types have created an entire industry of horse reduction on top of the welfare from BLM and tax payers

    1. Spot on.
      All Americans should be interested in what’s going on with BLM and our public lands. How can you hike and enjoy nature with cows and sheep messing up the natural beauty? How?

  2. It’s a disgrace to this country.. these beautiful sentient beings should be honored protected and managed humanely not cruelly rounded up by helicopter and thrown into horse PRISON or worse yet sent thru the SLAUGHTER PIPELINE the inhumanity of it all, my heart breaks everyday. . we must start massive PROTEST horse advocacy groups must get us organized protests is the only way we get their attention!! Don’t know why this hadn’t happened yet horses and burros are running out of TIME!

  3. Watching the documentary
    ” Cowspiracy”.
    Wow!! Every American should watch it. Livestock are not only the reason the BLM wants the wild horses gone, but the livestock are also destroying the planet environmentally.

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