Private Sanctuaries: End-Game of Wild Horse Management Plan

Much has been written in recent days about the proposal, how it will reduce wild horse populations by 70% in the next three to five years and how population growth in the remaining herds will be suppressed by contraceptives and sterilization.

But what the plan’s supporters really want to see—most of them beef producers operating on public lands—is the transfer of all wild horses to private sanctuaries.

And now, an editorial by an Arizona rancher (and brother of a former supreme court justice), is making the rounds in some news outlets, pitching the idea to the public.

“Without a doubt, private wild horse sanctuaries can be a win-win for wild horses and horse lovers.  With more sanctuaries in place, perhaps the BLM can concentrate on ways to keep the free-roaming wild horses from overpopulating the open range.”

Recall that the Public Lands Council, a cheerleader group for the ranchers, wants HMAs and WHTs abolished (fourth bullet item below).

Public Lands Council Anti Horse Agenda-1

With the BLM largely divested of the wild horse ‘business,’ it can dedicate more resources to their for-profit enterprise.

Thus, the proposed management plan will put a smile on the faces of public-lands ranchers, not wild horse advocates.

Privately owned cattle and sheep should be raised on private lands, not wild horses and burros.  The proposal must be defeated.

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One thought on “Private Sanctuaries: End-Game of Wild Horse Management Plan

  1. They are not over populated..
    This is all BULL CRAP!!

    AND ALL!!!!😡😡😡

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