Chris Stewart: The ‘Horse Guy’

Actually he’s the ‘No Horse Guy’ from Utah, which he’s made clear in recent weeks by his comments and letters.  Refer to this story dated 05/23/19 by the Imperial Valley News of Imperial, CA.

The problem, of course, is too many privately owned cattle and sheep robbing forage from wild horses on public lands in the western U.S.

The solution, according to the story, is to slow or reverse wild horse population growth with contraceptives.

These people are nuts!  Whose side are they on?

There is no wild horse population crisis.  Western rangelands can support way more than 27,000 horses and burros, the figure tossed out repeatedly by the ranchers and their allies at the BLM.

But you’ll never hear that as long as the rent-seekers are in charge of the federal government.

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