BLM Targets Invasive Species

What do wild horses have in common with pinyon pines and juniper trees?

They rob forage from cattle, sheep and big-game animals on public lands in the western U.S., or crowd it out.

Therefore, they have to go.

Who benefits?  Just look at those applauding a new initiative, announced yesterday, that will streamline the review of projects that remove pinyon and juniper trees to allow for sagebrush restoration.

  • President of the Mule Deer Foundation
  • President of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
  • Director of Communications, Wild Sheep Foundation
  • Beaver County Commissioner (and public-lands rancher)
  • Executive Director, New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association

The proposal does not include the cutting of old-growth trees, planting of non-native species or application of herbicides, according to the news release.


Photo: Pinyon pines and juniper trees on the Virginia Range, 05-04-19.

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