Lawsuit: BLM Can’t Remove Horses in Favor of Livestock

See this headline at E&E News dated 06/27/18.  No other details known at this time, more info as story develops.

UPDATE 1: Refer to this story in Courthouse News Service dated 06/28/18.  Includes link to complaint filed in U.S. District Court.  Also this news release from Western Watersheds Project dated 06/27/18.

UPDATE 2: Added map.  Affected area is Caliente HA Complex, consisting of Applewhite, Blue Nose Peak, Clover Creek, Clover Mountains, Delamar Mountains, Little Mountain, Meadow Valley Mountains, Miller Flat and Mormon Mountains Herd Areas.  Between I-15 and Hwy 93 in eastern Nevada.


No AMLs for these areas, not managed for WHB due to inadequate resources.  But the horses are there.  Go figure.

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