Replaced by Wind, Wine and Wheat

The folks in Washington state sure do like to name things after wild horses, even though most of them were eradicated 50 years ago.  Maybe the thought pricks their conscience.

A notable example is the Horse Heaven Hills.  The hills survived but the horses did not.

A few months ago, you could learn about it in this post, but the video and article have been scrubbed.  The following excerpt appeared at the end of the article.


The label on a bottle of cabernet produced in the area mentions the horses that once roamed the hills and drank from the river.  Not the horses that died off ten thousand years ago.  The horses that were rounded up and slaughtered in middle of the last century.


Another example is the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility, operated by Puget Sound Energy, near Ellensburg.  It has 127 turbines on 10,800 acres, according to this Wikipedia entry.

Consumers in the area are probably paying twenty to thirty cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity because of boondoggles like this, when at today’s natural gas prices, they should be paying half of that.  Traditional energy-conversion technologies are clean, dependable and affordable, but liberals reject them.

As for the wind farm, the only place you’ll see wild horses is the sign at the entrance.

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