Burn More

The BLM has asked for public comment on a proposed ten-year special recreation permit for Burning Man, held each year at the end of August in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno, NV, according to a news release dated 06/20/18.

Sponsors of the event have asked for an increase in the number of people attending the event from 70,000 to 100,000, enlargement of Black Rock City to 1250 acres and installation of more large-scale art pieces, among other things.

If you go to Google Maps and zoom in to the area near Gerlach, NV, just to the east of the horseshoe bend in Hwy 34, you’ll find the C-shaped grid where the festival occurs.


The dry lake bed is surrounded by mountainous areas inhabited by horses and burros of the Lava Beds HMA, Granite Range HMA and Calico Mountains HMA.

Although you may find a few horse-themed sculptures and vehicles in and around BRC, you probably won’t see any horses coming out of the hills to check out ‘Decadence in the Desert.’

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