Cibola-Trigo Nuisance Roundup in Progress

Bait trapping began April 16.  To date, 30 burros and 25 horses have been captured, with one death reported.  No details were given.  The goal is 35 burros and 40 horses.

The operation, not announced on the BLM news page, was necessitated by animals that were damaging private property and creating a safety hazard along roadways.

The HMA covers 179,000 acres in southwestern Arizona.  The AML is 165 wild burros, equivalent to 83 horses, and 150 wild horses, for an aimed-at stocking rate of 1.3 wild horses per thousand acres.  The target stocking rate across all HMAs is one animal per thousand acres.

Cibola-Trigo HMA Map-1

The roundup is not open to public observation.  Captured animals have been taken to the off-range corrals in Florence.

The pre-gather population was estimated to be 616 wild burros and 274 wild horses.

The report did not indicate if any resources on the HMA had been diverted to other users of public lands.

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