Additional Remarks About the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Sale

The syndicated report cited in this post earlier today, which has been picked up by news outlets across the country, suggests that the Forest Service built a short-term holding facility (known as the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals), to circumvent protections afforded by the WHB Act of 1971.

The article, carried by AP News, said “The U.S. Forest Service has built a new corral for wild horses in Northern California, which could allow it to bypass federal restrictions and sell the animals for slaughter.”

It is the belief of this writer that

  • The Devil’s Garden horses enjoy all protections of the WHB Act
  • The Forest Service has no intent of bypassing the law

The problem is the WHB Act has been amended several times by ranching interests and no longer works to the benefit of the horses.  The sale of these animals without limitation was established in 2004 by the Burns Amendment.

The case is an indication of the amount of work that lies ahead in pushing back against the ranchers, along with their allies in government and media.

Forest Service Moving Ahead with Devil’s Garden Sale

The legal battle continues over wild horses removed from the Modoc National Forest in October and November, 2018, according to a syndicated report that appeared today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Animals aged ten years or more, currently held in a Forest Service corral, are subject to ‘sale without limitation’ next month, which means they could be shipped to slaughter.

The report stated that “Ranchers generally support these sales because of the horses’ economic impact on leased grazing land.”  It didn’t mention that the land was set aside for the horses.


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