Executive Summary of Senate Hearing on WHB Program

Several Palestinian delegates were invited to speak before the Subcommittee about the future of the Jewish state.  They recommended the following actions:

  1. Get the occupiers off the disputed territory.
  2. Give their land to us.
  3. Declare the Resolution of 1971 null and void.

Jewish delegates were excluded from the hearing.  Rebuttals were not allowed and policies that benefit the Palestinians were not discussed.

Where’s the thriving ecological balance and multiple-use relationship?

How many senators will fall on their swords to advance the Palestinian cause?

A better option from a political viewpoint—one that may win more voter support—is to put the Palestinians out of business: End public-lands ranching.

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BLM Ends Triple B Roundup

BLM said today that the gather was complete, with 804 wild horses removed from their home range.  Sixteen deaths (2.0%) were reported over the nine day period.

Captured animals were taken to the Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Corrals, according to the news release, where they will be prepared for adoption or sale.

UPDATE: The original announcement said 802 horses removed and 14 deaths.

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Senate Hearing Today on Future of WHB Program

The Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests and Mining will meet at 2:30 PM EDT to consider options for long-term management of wild horses and burros on public lands in the western U.S.

Proceedings will be livestreamed on the committee’s web site, starting at approximately 2:15 PM, according to the announcement.

The witness list suggests that testimony will be heard mostly from representatives of the public-lands ranchers and individuals with sympathies thereto.

A fine example of government catering to a special interest against the wishes of the American people.

UPDATE: The archived webcast can be found on this page, hearing begins at 17:25.

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