BLM Colorado Goes Dark?

The bureaucrats tried to reassure the public that they were addressing the problems at the June 16 online meeting but they have provided little information about the Piceance roundup and did not post an update this week for the situation at Cañon City.

Ongoing Gathers 06-18-22

They may be providing updates on other platforms.  Western Horse Watchers does not read and will not link to anything on socialist media, with the exception of YouTube.

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Long-Term Effects of Conger Sterilization Experiment?

According to the abstract published in April, band stallions that were gelded lost their mares while bachelors that were intact acquired mares, inverting the natural order.

Stronger horses that should be breeding are not while weaker horses that should not be breeding are.

This can’t be good for the herd over the long run, which means it will be of interest to the bureaucrats, ranchers and advocates.

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Status of Piceance Roundup?

A link for the operation has not been added to the Colorado gather page.

The capture and removal goals were not specified but the roundup schedule dated June 14 says 99 and 99 for Part 1 (carried out with bait traps).

The incident is probably not open to public observation and updates will only be posted when horses are caught.

Captured animals will be taken to an undisclosed location in Utah.

A story posted today by the Herald Times of Meeker said it’s underway but that may mean the traps have been put up and hay has been put out.

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Rancher Happy to See Piceance Horses Go

As noted last year, 4M Ranch covers nearly 12,000 deeded acres in western Colorado and has grazing preference on more than 125,000 acres of BLM and Forest Service land.

The remark at 2:10 by the executive director of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses about tax dollars funding a broken and inhumane system is a reference to the Montana Solution, a better way of taking wild horses off the range according to her and her supporters.

Why would you want to take horses off the range?  Who benefits?

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Save Blawn Wash HMA?

This urgent message from The Cloud Foundation asks its supporters to oppose a plan that will zero-out the Blawn Wash herd.

NEWS FLASH: Blawn Wash was zeroed out in 2005.  A 2001 land exchange shifted 43% of the acreage and 70% of the forage from the BLM to the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration.  Forage in that portion of the HA is managed by SITLA.

The AML has been zero for 17 years.  Refer to Section 1.1 in the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the Bible Springs Complex.

The comment period for the new EA closes tomorrow.

The project can never lead to meaningful changes for the horses and can only improve conditions for the public-lands ranchers.

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Castration Easier to Sell to Public Than Ovariectomies?

The procedure occurs much more frequently in adopted and pedigreed horses, but that wasn’t a finding of a study cited in a March 18 blog post by the BLM.

About 40% of the stallions in the Conger HMA were gelded in 2017 to test for differences in behavior and habitat use as well as effects on survival and foaling rates.

Researchers found that geldings tended to lose their harems three years after surgery and there was no long-term reduction in foaling rate.

A 1992 study showed that 80% or more of a herd’s stallions would need to be sterilized to substantially reduce growth rates.

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Piceance Roundup Prompted by Public Comments?

A spokesman for the BLM indicated in yesterday’s news release that they were getting quite a bit of feedback from the public about the poor condition of the horses.

They’re in a remote area, did those concerns come from campers, hikers and tourists?

The HMA was established in an area occupied by grazing allotments, as shown on the Western Watersheds map.  The gather area will likely extend beyond the HMA and will include some of the outlying allotments.

Piceance Allotments 06-14-22

Given that most people want to see horses running wild and free on their home range, it seems unlikely that comments from the public would lead to their removal.

A more plausible explanation would involve complaints from the ranchers and concerns from the advocates.

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Piceance Roundup Starts This Week, Not an Emergency

The incident was scheduled for late August but will begin on June 16 due to the poor condition of some animals, according to today’s news release.

Initially, horses will be captured by traps baited with food and water, with the remaining animals forced into the traps by helicopter starting on July 15.

The HMA covers 190,130 total acres in western Colorado, including 158,310 public acres managed by the BLM.  The AML is 235 and the stocking rate allowed by plan is 1.2 wild horses per thousand acres.

The current population is thought to be 1,385, six times higher than the bureaucrats and ranchers are willing to tolerate.

Piceance East Douglas HMA Map 06-13-22

The HMA intersects four grazing allotments.  Livestock receive 2.4 times more forage than the horses, one of the milder cases of wild horse mismanagement.

Captured animals will be taken to an unspecified holding facility in Utah.

A link to the gather stats and daily reports was not provided.

The HMA is subject to the Montana Solution according to the roundup schedule.

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Advocates Delusional?

If a herd goes from 200 to 100 as a result of your darting program, no wild horses were removed from the range?

Advocates Delusional 06-12-22

Let’s look at this mathematically.

Final population = Initial populationHorses removed

100 = 200 – x

If you’re an advocate, x = 0.

If the herd was growing at a rate of 15% per year, the population would reach 800 in ten years, the time you needed to cut it to 100, which means you actually got rid of 700.

The land may be able to support many more wild horses but those resources have been assigned to privately owned livestock.

The ranchers appreciate your hard—but misguided—work very much.

Trajectory of Wildh Horse Fertility Control Program 04-11-21

Ten Weeks to Go: Piceance-East Douglas Pre-Game Report

A survey of 450 horses last month found slightly more than half with body condition scores of four or more, according to an article posted this morning by The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

The remaining horses were graded three or less, indicating suboptimal health.

Holy cow, half of the animals were below average?  Who could have predicted that?

Would they have a better chance of survival on the range or in the off-range corrals?

How many more horses could stay in the HMA if the ranchers were confined to their base properties?

Is Colorado a fence-out state?

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BLM Jumps the Shark with New Carbon Sequestration Policy

The instruction memorandum provides guidance for authorizing right-of-ways for site characterization, transportation, injection, capture, and permanent storage of carbon dioxide at injection well locations on public lands managed by the agency, according to yesterday’s news release.

BLM Carbon Sequestration 06-10-22

The policy will help the administration combat the climate crisis and supports its goal of reaching net zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.

Their agenda will likely be derailed in November.

If these people are so worried about carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring compound needed by plants and trees, why don’t they do the honorable thing and stop breathing or otherwise remove themselves from the face of the planet?

Horse Heaven Wind Farm Pushes Ahead Despite Local Opposition

The project has been blessed by the Washington State Energy Site Evaluation Council and the Tri-Cities union trades have an agreement with Scout Clean Energy to build it, according to a report by FOX News in Yakima.

The wind turbines, which can never compete with traditional energy sources unless they have been sabotaged by leftists—which you are seeing now—would be erected in an area once inhabited by free-roaming horses.

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