Wild Horse Mesa Confirmed

A story by Taos News dated 08/01/19 confirms it’s in southern Colorado near the New Mexico border.  A herd of 150 wild horses inhabits an area formally known as San Pedro Mesa, which includes the Sanchez Reservoir.

Judy Barnes of Spirit of the Wild Horse, a non-profit organization she started, cares for the animals, protecting them from mustangers.

The article did not indicate if the land was public or private and if it was subject to livestock grazing.

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UPDATE: Judy said WHM is on private land, part of a real estate development known as Melby Ranch, with some livestock grazing on the east side.

Red Rock Gather in the News

Refer to this story in Drovers, posted yesterday.  Those 237 horses were ‘relocated,’ not  ’rounded up’ or ‘removed from their home range.’

Changing the vocabulary and redefining terms, to hide something evil or unpleasant, are sure signs that liberals are involved.

Abortion is not baby murder, it’s ‘women’s health’ or ‘family planning.’

Shooting wild mares in the ass with contraceptive darts is not harassment, it’s ‘humane management.’

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