Sterilization Research to Resume

A news release by the Animal Welfare Institute yesterday said the BLM is rebooting its plans to sterilize wild horses, at the behest of a group funded by Lucas Oil Products.


Hacks at the off-range corrals in Hines, OR will cut the ovaries out of mares gathered from the Warm Springs HMA last year.  Complications and fatalities related to the procedures will likely be high but are of no concern to these people.

Some of the survivors will be returned to the range to form non-reproducing herds, a dream-come-true for the public-lands ranchers.  Others may end up in the demonic Wild Spayed Filly Futurity.

Critics say wild horse populations should be controlled by contraceptives, which can lead to sterilization.  In both cases the result is the same—fewer horses on the range.

There is no meaningful opposition here, only a debate on methods and timing.

The ranchers want the horses gone quickly, the wild horse ‘advocates’ want them to decline slowly.

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PZP Zealots Join Forces to Stop Wild Horse Management Plan

Refer to this story, published yesterday by Yahoo Finance.

The problem is public-lands ranching, yet these so-called advocates agree in principle with their opponents, differing only in methodology.


Why aren’t they challenging the constitutionality of FLPMA, which gave the federal government control over vast amounts of western rangelands and preferential treatment to the ranchers?

Why aren’t they pushing for an increase in grazing fees to $60 per AUM, in line with the cost of feeding wild horses in long-term pastures?

Why aren’t they demanding labels on beef, so consumers would know if the item was produced at the expense of America’s wild horses and burros?

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IDA Rejects Proposed Wild Horse Management Plan

In Defense of Animals, an animal protection group based in San Rafael, CA, released a statement yesterday condemning the wild horse management plan pushed by beef producers and cheerleader groups for the public-lands ranchers.

The proposal would reduce wild horse and burro populations on public lands in the western U.S. by 70%.

Not one wild horse advocate with significant knowledge of the wild horse on-range management issues was asked for input on the proposal, according to the statement.

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