The Wild Horse Debate

You can’t discuss wild horses and burros without discussing livestock and public-lands ranching.  That did not happen in an opinion piece posted yesterday by Carson Now.

Omission of the topic, common in articles about wild horses, is a sure sign of bias.  This one by Northern Ag of Billings, MT is typical.  No ties to the ranching industry there.


Back to the original piece in Carson Now.

1. They’re a non-native species.  The fossil record shows that horses existed in North America until they, and other large mammals, were wiped out 10,000 years ago.  They were reintroduced by Spanish explorers 500 years ago, as stated in the article.

2. Humans were here a lot longer before any horses.  The fossil record shows that horses pre-date the appearance of humans by tens of millions of years.

3. Free-roaming horses are feral, not wild.  Horses that have been gelded or wear shoes are occasionally noted in BLM gather reports.  They are the exceptions.  Most of the domesticated horses died off decades ago.  Their offspring have never known anything other than wild.  The anti-horse crowd will often apply the feral and estray labels to diminish the importance of these animals and cast doubt on their protected status.

4. Don’t feed them.  Carrots, apples and bits of hay may seem like innocent treats, but giving them to wild horses can make them pushy and disrespectful, jeopardizing their free-roaming status.  Besides, it’s illegal in Nevada.  Providing water is not illegal, but should be done away from populated areas, a practice known as diversionary watering.

5. Horses rob forage from deer, elk, antelope and bighorn sheep.  You forgot livestock.

6. Horses reduce the risk of wildfires by consuming excess vegetation.  Good point.

7. There are not enough predators to keep the horses numbers in check.  That’s because of the livestock grazing in the next valley.

8. Fertility control has not been very effective, allow hunting of wild horses.  The idea is sickening.  And you can’t eat meat that’s been tainted with contraceptives (and dewormers in the case of freed or escaped ranch horses).

Why not start by retiring the grazing permits and giving back the territory that’s been allocated primarily to the public-lands ranchers?

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Do We Really Need $5 Billion for a Wall?

Getting rid of wild horses and burros apparently is a top priority of our precious government, but rounding up the criminal invaders—and keeping them out—is not.

Are there other options for protecting the American people?  Consider these data:

  • 2,000 miles of border to defend
  • $10,000 for a gas operated, belt fed, automatic rifle

Five billion dollars would buy 500,000 rifles (5,000,000,000 divided by 10,000), enough to put one every 21 feet on the border (2,000 times 5,280 divided by 500,000).

That’s way too many.  One every 300 feet would be adequate, which means 35,200 rifles should be ordered immediately (2,000 times 5,280 divided by 300).  Cost would be $352 million (35,200 times 10,000).

Liberals have offered $1.3 billion for border security so this is well within their budget.

Roughly one billion dollars would remain after they cut the PO.

The fence would be six to eight feet high, just enough to slow down the undocumented Democrats and increase the hit probability of the flying lead.  Chain link would be ideal.

Assuming a cost of $50 per foot, the price for the ‘wall’ would be $528 million (2,000 times 5,280 times 50).  Approximately $500 million remaining in the leftist budget.

Ammo consumption would be minimal, a few hundred rounds, enough to convince the murderers, rapists, drug runners, terrorists and socialist voters they’re not welcome here.  Cost impact would be insignificant, not even the magnitude of a rounding error.

The final $500 million could be allocated to technology, just as the Progressives have insisted (for automation and surveillance).  If a soldier sitting in a bunker on U.S. soil can take out an enemy in a foreign nation, these rifles can operated by remote control.

The inflow of Marxist supporters, some unwitting, some not, has to be stopped.  Pay no attention to the national news coverage and imagery of poor, oppressed women and children confronted by racists at the border.  It’s all theater.

Don’t worry, though, these measures will never be put into practice.  The individuals charged with the safety of America are in favor of its fundamental transformation.

They become bolder as more illegals enter the country, and the veil is slowly coming off their plan.

The task for normal, God-fearing Americans is not to save the planet, but to save the republic, and its constitutionally limited government.

To learn more about the instruments of self defense referenced above, which are illegal in many states, watch this video by Iraqveteran8888.

ZPG On the Salt River

The Population Bombers of the wild horse world have targeted the Salt River mares, with the goal of reducing wild horse population growth to zero, according to a story posted today by AZ Family, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix.  Includes video of mares being shot with contraceptives.

Yep, the Salt River horses have been protected from everything…except the PZP zealots.

Programs like this reflect the moral depravity of their adherents.