Virtual Fences Coming to a Pasture Near You?

Think of it as GPS-enabled shock collars.  You enter the coordinates of the pasture into the base station, slap on the collars and the system will gently persuade your livestock to stay within the pre-defined boundaries.

There are no posts, no gates, no buried wires.

The story by KFOR News of Oklahoma City did not say what might happen if the power goes out or atmospheric conditions interfere with GPS signals.

The range of the system is not known and if it requires line-of-sight communications between the base station and the animals.

Nevertheless, the technology may be of interest to those on the political left who want to control everything, including you.

A GPS-enabled kill switch in your car would warn you when you’re approaching the limits set by your masters.  An ankle bracelet might do the same if you’re on foot.

Curiously, those who would enslave you are the ones tearing down statues because they’re associated with slavery.

BLM to Decimate Onaqui Herd, Advocates Offer to Do That

“The science is on our side,” according to a delegate of the Cloud Foundation, stating that “there are win-win solutions that can benefit the ranchers and our wild horses.”

The reference, of course, is to PZP darting of wild mares.  The term appears three times in this article by The Salt Lake Tribune.  Drive the birth rate to zero and let the herd die off.  Don’t let the horses reclaim any of their food from the cattlemen.

Any of you still wondering who the turncoats are in the wild horse world?

Undeniable Truth #2.

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Free-Roaming Horses Native to North America?

Watch how quickly the focus shifts to free-roaming horses on public rangelands—just 20 seconds into the video.  Would their story differ from that of horses in other areas?

In this film about science, did they use scientific methods to collect the data and present their findings?

Where in the North American fossil record do cattle and sheep appear?  Are they working on a video for that?

This is not science, it is agenda-driven information intended to confuse or mislead, also known as propaganda.

Be very skeptical when you see statements such as “management of these animals informed by independent science,” which was added to the text of AJR-5 in California.

AEA Still Promoting Automatic Darting Machine

Refer to this news release by American Equine Awareness.

The advocates won’t oppose it because it can accomplish automatically what they’ve been trying to achieve manually: Getting rid of wild horses with contraceptives.

Western Horse Watchers believes there are some aspects of the machine that its developers aren’t disclosing, such as what happens if studs come in for the bait or the mares continue to feed after they’ve been darted.  How will they be repelled?

On the range, will the higher horses allow the lower horses to get near it?

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How the Cattlemen Impose Their Will on Us

They’re not lobbying the politicians, as we saw yesterday.  They’re schmoozing the bureaucrats, who never have to face the voters.

The practice came up last year, when BLM moved its headquarters to Grand Junction.

Why all the uproar?  Loss of access by special interests.

Two years ago, when interviewed about the proposed move, a Colorado senator said “Washington is infested with special interests.  You mean to tell me that BLM is insulated from that?  They’re infested.”

Congress doesn’t write land-use plans and specify AMLs.  How long do you think they’d last if the American people knew they assigned most of the resources in wild horse areas to privately owned livestock?  That would be political suicide.

They may agree with it, but they let the bureaucrats do the dirty work.

Cattle and Horses

How Many Livestock Are on the Onaqui Mountain HMA?

Would you be upset if it was 2,250 cow/calf pairs for six months per year?  What would you say if it was 1,800 cow/calf pairs for four months and 5,250 ewe/lamb pairs for six months?  Would you feel better if it was 7,500 ewe/lamb pairs for nine months?

All three cases have the same resource loading, 13,500 AUMs per year.

The management plan allows 210 wild horses for twelve months, requiring 2,520 AUMs per year.

How do you make the comparisons simple?  Look at the resource allocations.

Livestock numbers depend on livestock types and grazing seasons.

But the forage allocations tell you immediately that the HMA is managed primarily for livestock.

You can also compute the number of horses displaced from the HMA by livestock, the True AML, and, if you know the current population, the number of excess horses.

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Bypassing the American People

A story dated July 9 by Tri-State Livestock News describes the reaction of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to an executive order committing $500 million to expanding processing capacity in the beef industry.

The order was intended to promote competition in the American economy and directs the USDA to consider issuing new rules defining the “Product of the USA” label on beef so consumers have accurate, transparent information at the grocery store.

The term ‘rulemaking’ appears 21 times in the order.

In Sec. 5. (i) (ii), the Secretary of Agriculture shall consider initiating a rulemaking to define the conditions under which the labeling of meat products can bear voluntary statements indicating that the product is of United States origin, such as “Product of USA,” to ensure that consumers have accurate, transparent labels that enable them to choose products made in the United States.

The issue is not the labels.  As an aside, do you think producers of range-fed beef would welcome labels like this?



Ensuring that consumers have accurate information is the last thing on their minds.

The concern is the rulemaking.  The new rules will be created by the unelected bureaucracy, not your elected representatives.

They may be tied to a statute, or have the appearance of such, but you have no voice in the process.

Look at the rules affecting wild horses and burros.  Do they uphold the statute—which was crafted by your representatives—or contradict it?

So much for consent of the governed.

Onaqui DC Commentary

In Washington, DC with Marty Irby and colleagues.

Keep in mind that the rancher-friendly ‘Path Forward‘ will enforce resource allocations already on the books.  It changes nothing.

You have to look upstream in the management process at the land-use plans, federal regulations and the bureaucracy that writes them.

The American people and their representatives have been sidestepped.

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