Allotment Categories Explained

Refer to this undated BLM document, an attachment to IM2009-018, Process for Setting Priorities for Issuing Grazing Permits and Leases.

Improve (I) – Not achieving rangeland health standards

Maintain (M) – Achieving rangeland health standards

Custodial (C) – Public lands produce less than 10% of forage

Category I allotments have the highest priority for processing authorizations, managing uses and monitoring rangeland health, according to IM2009-018.

These categories appear in some of reports from RAS.

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One thought on “Allotment Categories Explained

  1. Can the information on your site and the changing pics be shared on social media, like Twitter? I would like to Tweet this, as I totally agree with your information & the changing pics depicting the gov’t & so-called WH protection orgs that are all out to eradicate our WH&Bs from our public lands.

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