The Voice of Dependency

What is the Public Lands Council?  The description for the following video says the organization represents 22,000 public lands ranchers in the Western United States.

Given its location in Washington DC, most of its resources are probably devoted to public relations and political influence.

One thing is clear: Its anti-horse agenda.

Public Lands Council Anti Horse Agenda-1

Curiously, the first goal has been accepted by most of the so-called advocacy groups, with some of them involved in the second item as well.

The fourth item is perhaps the most troubling—elimination of HMAs and WHTs so forage consumed by wild horses and burros can be allocated to privately owned cattle and sheep.

Consider this definition regarding public lands from Section 103 of FLPMA:

Principal Uses FLPMA-1

Go ahead and find a trade group representing oil companies, mining companies, timber companies or outdoor recreation companies that’s as hostile to WHB as these guys.

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