Preliminary EA for North Lander Complex Out for Public Review?

An announcement appeared yesterday on the BLM news site but now it’s gone.

The project can be accessed at ePlanning, which includes the news release.

The Proposed Action, discussed on page 9 of the EA (page 10 in the pdf), features helicopter roundups, sterilization of up to 95% of captured stallions and returning them to the Complex, IUDs for mares returned to the Complex, treatment of captured mares with GonaCon Equine including those receiving IUDs and skewing the sex ratios to 60% males and 40% females.

Four HMAs would be targeted over a ten-year period: Conant Creek, Rock Creek, Dishpan Butte and Muskrat Basin.  Data for the HMAs are presented in Figure 1.

North Lander Complex Map 01-21-22

The Western Watersheds map shows the project area.  All four HMAs are subject to permitted grazing.  Refer to data in Table 2 of the EA.

The news release described the combined AML as “the point at which the wild horse population is consistent with the land’s capacity to support it and other mandated uses of those lands,” code words for privately owned livestock, so the unstated purpose of the project is resource enforcement—get rid of the horses so the ranchers can access all of the AUMs on their permits.

Comments can be submitted online and will be accepted until February 18.

Changes to forage allocations in the Complex cannot be accomplished through a pest control program.  Don’t ask a highway patrol officer to change the speed limit.

The management plan must be amended, which is outside the scope of the project.

RELATED: Scoping for North Lander Gather Plan Begins.

UPDATE: January 20 news release restored.

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