Scoping for North Lander Gather Plan Begins

BLM requests public input regarding future wild horse management actions in the North Lander Complex, according to a news release issued yesterday.  The land can’t support the current number of horses plus other mandated uses.

The Complex includes four HMAs and covers about 375,000 acres east of Lander, WY.

The AML is 536 and the target stocking rate is 1.4 wild horses per thousand acres.

North Lander Complex Map 04-02-21

The current population is thought to be around 1,600 wild horses.

Roundups would be used to achieve the AML.  Methods for slowing growth rates could include castrating or vasectomizing stallions, sex ratio skewing, intrauterine devices for mares and GonaCon, a fertility control drug.

Western Horse Watchers was unable to find the project in ePlanning.

Resource allocations and management priorities, not mentioned in the announcement, can be assessed when an environmental assessment is released.  Presumably, the HMAs are subject to permitted livestock grazing.

Comments can be submitted by email through April 30.

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