RFP for Off-Range Pastures in the News

A syndicated report about wild horse overpopulation, originating in Cheyenne, WY, appeared today in national news outlets, many of them left-wing rags only too happy to repeat the lies of their precious government.

RFP for Off-Range Pastures in the News-1

A representative of The PZP Channel suggested that shooting wild mares in the ass with contraceptives was better than forcing them off their home range and shipping them to private pastures.  Never mind that the land was set aside for them in the 1971 statute (as it exists today, amended by ranching interests).


The original news release, posted by the BLM on 03/04/19, said the current wild horse and burro population in the western U.S. is “more than triple the number of animals the land can support in conjunction with other legally mandated land uses.”

Refer to the Lexicon if you don’t know the meaning of ‘other mandated uses.’

There is no wild horse overpopulation.  It’s nothing more than a bullshit storyline to justify current land-use policies and give cover to the government serfs.

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Inmate-Trained Horses and Burros in Arizona

New video about the wild horse and burro training program at the state prison in Florence, AZ, which is sponsored by Arizona Correctional Industries, Bureau of Land Management and the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Inmates are taught how to care for the animals and prepare them for adoption, a process known as ‘gentling.’

Programs like this one have been proven to reduce recidivism, a positive result for the inmates and taxpayers.

The Florence Off-Range Corrals, destination for wild horses and burros removed from public lands in the state, are also on prison grounds.

Wanted: More Off-Range Pastures for WHB

BLM requested bids today for long-term care of wild horses and burros removed from public lands in the western U.S.  A similar request was posted last June.

Facilities must be located in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas (panhandle only), Utah, Washington or Wyoming.  Contracts will be awarded for 200 to 5,000 animals, with four-year and nine-year renewal options.

Western rangelands can’t support the current number of wild horses and burros in conjunction with ‘other legally mandated uses,’ according to the news release, a euphemism for ‘privately owned livestock.’

What does this say about the 2019 roundup season?  Ten thousand plus?

The forage currently allocated to livestock on public lands managed by the BLM would support 750,000 wild horses and burros, enough to empty all of the off-range corrals and long-term pastures fifteen times over.

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UPDATE: See also this report posted today by Oregon Public Broadcasting.