No Relief in Cost of Feed

The one-horse pony’s economic policies are not working for horse owners, or anybody else for that matter, America’s enemies excepted.

The price of a bale of alfalfa-grass mix was $36 yesterday, 20 bales minimum, putting the cost of feed at $180 per AUM.

The average horse would need about five bales per month.

The price was $19 per bale in July 2021.

Other items on the ticket:

  • Layena Crumbles, 50-pound sack, $29 each
  • Strategy Healthy Edge, 50-pound sack, $35 each
  • Rice bran pellets, nonstabilized, 50-pound sack, $32 each
  • Alfalfa pellets, 50-pound sack, $27 each
  • Sales tax, $93

The drive-out price was $1,184.  Two years ago, the total would have been around $550.

On public lands, forage sells for $1.35 per AUM, meaning the ranchers are paying less than a penny on the dollar to graze their livestock.

They are further subsidized by taxpayer-funded programs such as the wild horse and burro program, which keeps the pests in check, at least in theory.

The nonprofits have assumed a larger role in the process, poisoning the mares and jennies with restricted-use pesticides, and they want you to pay for that too.

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Momma in Barn 03-05-22

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