Pine Nut Roundup Delayed by Weather

Helicopters were grounded Wednesday through Saturday last week, according to the BLM gather page, with 316 wild horses driven from their HMA.  That means 3,800 AUMs per year can now be allocated to ‘other rangeland resources.’

Almost certainly the roundup was demanded by oil and mining companies, but you’d never know it because the government has done a great job of hiding the derricks and frac tanks.

Pay no attention to the cattle gates, stock tanks and T-post fences.  They are decoys, to make you think the government is actually covering for the public-lands ranchers.


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Advocates Fight ‘Arrogant Special Interest Agency’

No, it’s not the BLM.  It’s the New Mexico Livestock Board and its ‘long-term culture against wild horses.’

Wild horse enthusiasts, who won the release of the Alto horses last year, are pushing back against a bill that would put the NMLB in charge of the state’s wild horses, arguing that the agency has a ‘clear vendetta’ against the animals.  See this report, posted today by Ruidoso News.

Instead, they favor a bill known as the Wild Horse Protection and Habitat Act that would, among other things, conduct a census of wild horse herds, develop educational materials, create a fencing program and work with the DOT on safety issues.

They also support a bill that would provide for a special vehicle registration plate expressing support for wild horses.

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