Pancakes and Pie Charts!

The Draft EA for wild horse management actions in the Pancake Complex provides forage allocations for horses and livestock.

Wild horse forage requirements are computed as AML × 12.  Refer to Table 1.

The forage assigned to livestock is computed as the sum of the permitted AUMs for each allotment times the portion of each allotment inside the wild horse area, assuming the resource is evenly distributed across those parcels.  Refer to Tables 3 – 6.

The forage assigned to wildlife has been ignored.  Cattle and sheep are authorized but an AUM is an AUM regardless of who eats it.

Pancake HMA

  • Forage to horses: 5,916 AUMs per year (20%)
  • Forage to livestock: 23,662 AUMs per year (80%)

Jakes Wash HA

  • Forage to horses: 0 AUMs per year (0%)
  • Forage to livestock: 8,024 AUMs per year (100%)

Sand Springs West HMA

  • Forage to horses: 588 AUMs per year (6%)
  • Forage to livestock: 9956 AUMs per year (94%)

Monte Cristo WHT

  • Forage to horses: 1,152 AUMs per year (40%)
  • Forage to livestock: 1,702 AUMs per year (60%)

These figures are compared in the following charts.

Pancake Complex Charts A-1

None of the areas are managed principally for wild horses.  Overall, livestock receive 85% of the authorized forage.

Don’t conclude that the Forest Service treats the horses better than the BLM.  You only need to look at the numbers from Devil’s Garden to see that’s not true.

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