Management Priorities at Rock Springs HMAs

Table 1 in the Final EA for resource enforcement actions provides AMLs for the five HMAs, from which forage requirements can be computed.  Table 8 provides forage allocations to livestock inside the HMAs.

Rock Springs Forage Allocations 09-25-21

The 2,165 horses allowed by plan receive 25,980 AUMs per year, compared to 191,791 AUMs per year for privately owned livestock.

The HMAs cover 3,436,096 acres of public and private lands in southwestern Wyoming.

Livestock receive 7.4 times more forage than the horses.  Would you call that a thriving ecological balance?  Would you call it a balance?  Would you say the HMAs are managed principally for wild horses?

The forage assigned to livestock would support an additional 15,982 wild horses, 32% of the horses in off-range holding!

The True AML for the five HMAs would be 18,147.  The pre-gather population of 5,105 is well within that range.

If the HMAs were managed according to plan, livestock would be the primary consumer of resources in Adobe Town, Great Divide Basin and White Mountain.  They would be the principal consumer of resources in Salt Wells Creek and Little Colorado.

The Rock Springs RMP Amendments, not yet approved, will make things worse, by closing three of the HMAs and downsizing a fourth.  Little Colorado won’t be affected, because, as you can see from the data above, it’s been zeroed out already.

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Thriving Ecological Balance-3

One thought on “Management Priorities at Rock Springs HMAs

  1. When writing, calling Congressional Representatives, the BLM or the Secretary of Interior I use only factual information. Contacting them can get discouraging, but I will not give up on our wild horses. Your articles are greatly appreciated and provides additional “ammunition” to refute what the the BLM puts out there to the public and Congress. I read and dissect every EA the BLM puts out before a roundup..
    Once again THANK YOU for your work.

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