Thriving Ecological Imbalance at Little Colorado HMA

The HMA, one of five affected by the Rock Springs gather plan, does not contain any checkerboard land and is not included in the Rock Springs RMP amendments, as noted at the end of Section 1.1 in the Draft EA.

The management plan assigns 1,200 AUMs per year to wild horses at the upper end of the AML, with 45,004 AUMs per year assigned to privately owned livestock.

That means the horses are allowed to consume up to 2.6% of the authorized forage in the HMA, also known as ‘their food.’

Doesn’t that seem a bit strange?  The land was set aside for the horses.

The proposed action will gather the HMA to the lower end of the AML, leaving around 69 horses.  Growth rates will be minimized with contraceptives.

The horses will need 828 AUMs per year after the roundup, about 1.8% of the authorized forage.

The fertility control program locks the pattern in, maximizing benefits to the public-lands ranchers.

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