Winery to Screen Redford’s Wild Horse Documentary

Eberle Winery will present a special screening of The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses, a feature documentary produced by Robert Redford, Patti Scialfa Springsteen and Jessica Springsteen, according to an announcement by the Paso Robles Daily News.

Producer and Co-Director Steven Latham will join Neda Demayo, signatory to the “Path Forward” and founder of Return to Normal (Before WHB Act), to discuss the film.

The dialogue, like the film, will probably avoid resource management and permitted grazing in areas set aside for wild horses.

Western Horse Watchers was informed that the theme was overpopulation, ranchers are not the problem and PZP is the answer, with Demayo receiving excessive “air time.”

As for the Path Forward, support is much greater than you think.  Today, most of the advocacy groups are signatories in principle.

This search result from Google tells you everything you need to know.  The advocates are always looking for opportunities to implement their ruinous darting programs, with benefits accruing to the public-lands ranchers.

Advocates Focus on Fertility Control 09-27-22

The link pointed to a story originally produced by KUNR Radio in Reno.

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Getting Rid of Wild Horses 03-18-22

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