New Wild Horse Documentary Avoids Public-Lands Ranching?

Not mentioned in the following trailer:

The off-range corrals at 1:13, flooded with horses, displaced from their home range by privately owned livestock.

The trainers, competitions and shows at 1:34, boosting interest in adoptions, so more can be removed from the range.

The advocates at 2:24, darting rifles in hand, helping the government get rid of the horses, with benefits accruing to the ranchers.

If the film has a downstream focus, as suggested in the video, it will be of little help to America’s wild horses.  The problem is upstream, in the land-use plans and the rules that tilt the playing field in favor of the ranchers.

One thought on “New Wild Horse Documentary Avoids Public-Lands Ranching?

  1. I would like to see a documentary that exposes the real reason wild horses and burros are being eradicated from our public lands. Expose who profits, who’s ‘on the take’, the lobbyists and why our government allows the BLM to continue their systematic removal of horses and Burros, replacing them with cattle and sheep. Expose the eventual transport to foreign countries and slaughter for meat. Show the ‘realty’ through the eyes of the horses and burros. The fear, panic, pain and suffering they endure. Provide the science and environmental impact on our lands when cattle replace them. Tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH! We need someone like Ken Burns…..we need the FACTS, so the world can see our utter failure to protect these iconic creatures!

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