Prelude to Foal-Free Friday

Tomorrow’s episode was written early this morning but a story by KUNR Radio, just out, validates remarks about the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and how it’s using the Virginia Range as a proving ground for the Montana Solution.

Tracy Wilson, Nevada State Director for CAAWH, told the writer her group is trying to prove there is a better way to get rid of wild horses and to show they can do it.

“As you start reducing the amount of available space and forage, then you need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses,” Wilson said.  “So, we want a healthy range, we want a healthy horse population.”

Funny, that’s what the bureaucrats say, as they whittle away at the land designated for wild horses and shift more and more of the resources to the public-lands ranchers.

File under: Charlatans.

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