Support for ‘Path Forward’ Much Greater Than You Think

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses is not a signatory in fact, but a signatory in principle, along with thousands of Kool-Aid drinkers across the country.

They’re working diligently to get rid of as many wild horses as possible with PZP, which helps the public-lands ranchers.

Of interest in the following video is the remark at 6:44 that there isn’t a good way to calculate the number of wild horses an area can support.

The government has already told you what resources are available and has assigned them to multiple users.

Divide the forage assigned to livestock by twelve and add the result to the AML.  That’s the True AML, the number of horses an area could support if it was managed principally for horses, as specified in the statute.

The calculation often shows that the area is not overpopulated, and has no excess horses, which undercuts their business model.

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