Rock Springs Roundup for Health and Well-Being of Horses?

That’s what a Rock Springs resident told Wyoming Public Media in a story posted yesterday.  They won’t be starving to death in the winter.

The government, media and advocates have done a fine job covering for the public-lands ranchers, brainwashing the American people about the situation out west.

The Rock Springs HMAs could not be overpopulated with 5,105 wild horses (before the roundup), when the BLM authorizes privately owned livestock equivalent to 15,982 horses in the same area, on top of the 2,145 horses allowed by plan.

The horses displaced from the HMAs by permitted grazing represent almost one third of those in off-range holding.

The advocates won’t tell you the truth about wild horses because the rationale for their darting programs would fall to the ground.  They are far more concerned about their standing with the bureaucrats and ranchers.

RELATED: Management Priorities at Rock Springs HMAs.

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