The Numbers Don’t Lie

Western Horse Watchers agrees: The numbers show that many areas set aside for wild horses are managed primarily, if not principally, for livestock.  That’s why the animals are being forced off their home range at a record pace.

Data from the Pancake roundup, discussed in a BLM blog post, indicate five horses lost (0.24%) due to injuries sustained in the incident.  Not mentioned are the 21 horses put down (shot dead?) due to physical defects.

The number of horses that would be lost if the roundup didn’t occur?  Zero.

Ten horses were lost in the Rock Springs roundup due to injuries sustained in the incident (0.24%), plus 27 put down due to physical defects, compared to zero if the incident didn’t occur.

The number of horses shipped from the Rock Springs HMAs was not provided, so the results cannot be checked for balance and the number of unaccounted-for animals cannot be determined.

Thus, it is true, the figures don’t lie—if you can get them.

On Day 4 of the Jackson Mountains roundup, not considered in the post, a foal was put down because it was an orphan.  That was its only shortcoming.  The government has since tried to cover it up.

Links to roundups in 2021 have been removed from the Nevada gather page, but the daily reports for Jackson Mountains can be found here.  The final death rate was 5.9%!

The writer(s) of the blog post indicated that the Pancake herd boomed as food and water dwindled, suggesting that other factors may be more important for the support of life on western rangelands.

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