Allotment Status at Jackson Mountains HMA

Table 7 in the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions identifies six grazing allotments that intersect the HMA.

Although the project was sponsored by the Black Rock Field Office, three of them are administered by the Humboldt River Field Office, so you have to run the Allotment Master report in RAS twice [Part 1, Part 2].

How do you find other field offices?  Look on a BLM Nevada map for the Winnemucca District, which was cited in the EA.

Jackson Mountains Allotment Data 08-29-21

Most of the data were sourced from the AM reports, except the percentages inside the HMA, which were given in Table 7.

Three of the allotments are in the Improve category, along with 79% of the public acres.

Forage production in the allotments averages 37.7 AUMs per thousand acres per year, compared to 9.8 AUMs per thousand acres per year for wild horses inside the HMA, suggesting that the land could support more than the 217 horses allowed by plan.

The forage assigned to livestock inside the HMA, 7,394 AUMs per year, is 2.8 times higher than the forage assigned to horses, establishing the HMA as one of the milder cases of wild horse mismanagement.

Ratios of four to eight are often encountered, telling you that the HMAs are not managed principally for wild horses, as specified in the statute.

The calculated allotment area falling inside the HMA, 274,555 acres, is slightly larger than the 264,974 acres assigned to the HMA in Table 1 of the EA.

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