Draft EA for Jackson Mountains Gather Plan Out for Review

A preliminary environmental assessment for resource enforcement actions in the Jackson Mountains HMA was released yesterday for public comment.  The EA was posted with other project documents in ePlanning.

The Proposed Action features gathers to low end of AML, fertility control, IUDs, sex ratio skewing and sterilization of mares, according to Section 2.2.

The plan will be effective for ten years.

The HMA covers 264,974 acres in northern Nevada and the 217 horses allowed by plan receive 2,604 AUMs per year.  The stocking rate allowed by plan is 0.8 wild horses per thousand acres.

The population as of July was thought to be 1,018 per Table 1.

Jackson Mountains HMA Map 08-28-21

Table 7 shows six grazing allotments that overlap the HMA, along with the percentages falling within.

Comments can be submitted in writing or by email through September 26.

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