Status of Allotments at Palomino Buttes HMA

The map on page 2-34 of the 1992 Three Rivers RMP (page 62 in the pdf) shows two grazing allotments inside the HMA, #7019 and #7021.

They cover 71,648 public acres, according to the Allotment Master report, very close to the 71,554 acres shown for the HMA on page 2-43 of the RMP.

Both are in the Improve category.

Palomino Buttes Allotments 08-26-21

The HMA, outlined in brown, appears to be 100% subject to permitted grazing.

The allotments may pre-date the HMA and may have provided a basis for establishing the HMA boundary, which may or may not correspond to the area where horses were found in 1971.

The 64 horses allowed by plan receive 768 AUMs per year, while livestock receive 1,188 + 1,618 + 1,396 = 4,202 AUMs per year.

Would you say the HMA is managed principally for wild horses?  Would you call this a thriving ecological balance?  Livestock receive 5.5 times more forage than the horses.

Are the advocates trying to convince you that the horses are the problem and that the government should be getting rid of them with PZP, not helicopters?

If so, you might want to find a better source of information about wild horses.

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