Palomino Buttes Emergency Roundup Starts Next Week

An estimated 220 wild horses will be removed from the HMA, starting on August 30, due to inadequate food and water.

A helicopter will push the horses into the traps.  The incident will be open to public observation, according to the news release.

The HMA covers 71,554 acres near Burns, OR and has a forage allocation is 768 AUMs per year, as shown on page 2-43 of the Three Rivers RMP (page 71 in the pdf).  The AML is 64 and the stocking rate allowed by plan is 0.9 wild horses per thousand acres.

The pre-gather population is thought to be around 427.

Paisley Desert HMA Map 08-25-21

The map on page 2-34 of the RMP (page 62 in the pdf) suggests that the HMA intersects two grazing allotments, #7019 and #7021.

An EA was not prepared for the roundup and Western Horse Watchers could not find an older one in ePlanning, so more research will be needed to assess the forage allocations and allotment conditions.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Hines.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

One thought on “Palomino Buttes Emergency Roundup Starts Next Week

  1. Plenty of room for the horses plus they’re heathly. No need to remove any of them. As an American citizen and taxpayer, I’m against the roundup.

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