Antelope Roundup Day 24

The incident began on August 2.  Gather stats through August 25:

  • Horses captured: 1,718, up from 1,575 on Day 22
  • Average take: 71.6 horses per day
  • Capture goal: 2,200
  • Removal goal: 2,200
  • Returned: 0
  • Deaths: 9, no change from Day 22
  • Shipped: 1,558, no change from Day 22

The death rate declined slightly to 0.5%.

Foals accounted for 18.0% of the horses gathered.  Of the adults, 42.8% were male and 57.2% were female.

Body condition scores were not reported.

The location of gather operations has not been specified.  Four HMAs are involved.

Day 24 ended with 151 unaccounted-for animals.

The gap between males and females can’t be explained by a simple random process centered at 50% males / 50% females with n = 1,408 adults.  The expected range of variation can be found with basic statistical formulas.

To date, 603 stallions and 805 mares have been taken from the Complex.  The sex of the foals was not provided.

Other statistics:

  • AML: 789 (across four HMAs)
  • Forage assigned to horses: 9,468 AUMs per year
  • Pre-gather population: 6,032 plus foals
  • Forage liberated to date: 20,616 AUMs per year
  • Water liberated to date: 17,180 gallons per day
  • Forage assigned to livestock: 72,946 AUMs per year (estimated)
  • Horses displaced from HMAs by livestock: 6,079 (12% of off-range holding)
  • True AML: 6,868

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