Status of Calico Allotments

Table 4 in the Draft EA does not provide allotment sizes and grazing seasons, nor the percentage of each allotment falling inside the Complex, so key management indicators for the five HMAs involved, such as forage allocations and stocking rates, can’t be determined.

That would be a substantive comment on the EA.

What are the management priorities in these HMAs?  Do privately owned livestock receive better treatment than wild horses and burros?

The Proposed Action reads like a pest control program: Roundups, fertility control vaccines, intra-uterine devices, non-reproducing animals (males and females) and sex ratio skewing.

As for the allotments, RAS provides some information.  Four are managed by the Black Rock Field Office and one by the Humboldt River Field Office.

The Allotment Master report for Black Rock shows three in the Improve category and one in the Maintain category, while the report for Humboldt River shows one in the Improve category.

Alder Creek

  • 123,363 public acres
  • Improve category
  • 5,913 active AUMs

Paiute Meadows

  • 168,538 public acres
  • Improve category
  • 3,549 active AUMs

Buffalo Hills

  • 440,982 public acres
  • Improve category
  • 4,114 active AUMs

Soldier Meadows

  • 329,129 public acres
  • Improve category
  • 12,168 active AUMs


  • 54,013 public acres
  • Maintain category
  • 1,291 active AUMs

The total grazing area is 1,116,025 acres, with 1,062,012 acres in the Improve category.

That means 95% of the BLM grazing land associated with the Calico Complex does not meet standards for rangeland health.

As of today, there is no category for blaming substandard conditions on wild horses and burros.

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