More Signs of Dry Conditions in Western U.S.

Communities served by the Colorado River and its artificial lakes may be facing a water shortage declaration, according to a report posted yesterday by AP News.

An observable effect of drought in the wild horse world might be a jump in emergency roundups, accompanied, perhaps, by AUM reductions in grazing allotments.

The author tries to link the situation to (man-made) climate change, a fake problem that started off as global cooling, which couldn’t be demonstrated, followed by a shift to global warming, also unproven, supplanted again by climate change so its adherents could play it both ways.

Frequently, the term appears with concerns of hotter temperatures, as in the story, suggesting that they still believe in the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Water vapor, belched into the atmosphere by industrial and commercial cooling towers, and also by evaporation from lakes, rivers and oceans, is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 but you never hear about it!

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