Comments Invited on Draft EA for Calico Gather Plan

The 30-day review period started today, according to a BLM news release.

The new Environmental Assessment looks at the consequences of resource enforcement actions in the five HMAs that make up the Complex.  A Finding of No Significant Impact will not apply to horses and burros found therein.

The Proposed Action features roundups and growth suppression techniques, such as fertility control vaccines, intra-uterine devices, non-reproducing animals (males and females) and sex ratio skewing.  Refer to Section 2.0 in the EA.

The plan will be valid for ten years.

The Complex covers 584,101 acres and has an AML of 952 wild horses and 65 wild burros, per Table 1 in the EA.  The equivalent AML is 985 horses, for an aimed-at stocking rate of 1.7 wild horses per thousand acres, slightly above the target rate across all HMAs of one wild horse per thousand acres.

The current population is estimated to be 1,692 horses and 73 burros.

Calico Complex Map 04-14-21

The Complex intersects five grazing allotments per Section 3.3.3 of the EA but there is not enough information to know which HMAs are affected and by how much.

Western Horse Watchers was unable to find a map in the appendices showing the allotment boundaries relative to those of the HMAs.

The Calico Complex is adjacent to the Surprise Complex in northwestern Nevada, the subject of a new gather plan and EA earlier this year.

Comments on the Calico EA can be submitted through May 13.

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