NCBA Responds to Coalition’s Letter About Livestock Grazing

The Executive Director of Natural Resources and the Public Lands Council said in a report dated April 13 by FarmProgress, an online news service, that “The path toward healthy horses, healthy rangelands, and healthy wildlife is championed by those who have been stewards of the land for generations—ranchers.”

Unfortunately, data from RAS show otherwise: Approximately 60% of BLM grazing land does not meet standards for rangeland health.

The letter calls for an end to livestock grazing on all “horse-occupied” HMAs, as if it didn’t occur on lands set aside for wild burros and included no data to support the claim that forage allocations “are severely biased against horse populations.”

Western Horse Watchers does not dispute the claim but believes the letter would have been more effective if submitted with some examples, such as the Little Colorado and Sand Wash Basin HMAs.

The letter also calls for a revamp of RMPs affecting such areas, which is essential, but may go nowhere without a court order.

Yesterday’s news release did not indicate if a similar request was sent to the Secretary of Agriculture regarding WHTs.

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