BLM Not Selling Wild Horses to Kill Buyers

See the report posted today at Intermountain Farm & Ranch about the Red Desert gather, which may begin next week.  The story addresses concerns about captured horses going to slaughter.

“Interested buyers are required to sign paperwork.”

No problems there.  Barack Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution (and his administration was lawless).

The article also indicates that Wyoming is home to more than 7,000 wild horses, but the Appropriate Management Level is 3,725 horses.  Another case of misuse of figures.


The BLM spokesperson quoted in the article said research projects are underway that will help find more effective facility [sic] control methods, probably meaning fertility control methods, which is a code word for fertility prevention methods.

The report did not mention if AUM curtailment would be considered as a means of preventing overgrazing or if the grazing fee on public rangelands would be raised from $1.41 per AUM to $25 per AUM, in line with the costs of private ranching.

The government serfs are riding a gravy train and they know it.  And who pays?  Our wild horses and burros.

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