Red Desert Gather Announced

Refer to this BLM news release, dated 07/06/18.  The operation, which starts 08/06/18, will remove over 2600 horses from the five HMAs in the Red Desert Complex (Antelope Hills, Crooks Mountain, Green Mountain, Lost Creek, Stewart Creek).

Helicopters will be used to drive the horses into traps.  The area of interest is southeast of Lander, WY.


Some horses will be returned to the range but most will be put up for adoption and/or placed in off-range pastures.  Gather stats will be posted to this page.

The presence of livestock on these lands was not stated in the announcement.  However, the situation at Stewart Creek HMA is documented in the following video, starting at 4:40 (posted 06/20/17 by The Cloud Foundation).

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