Pine Nut Gather Moving Ahead Despite Public Outcry

BLM plans to remove roughly 70 wild horses from the Pine Nut Mountains HA later this month, according to a report dated 07/06/18 in The Record-Courier.  They are found on lands south of the Pine Nut Mountains HMA, which is east of Carson City, NV.


There are no AMLs for herd areas and they are not managed for WHB due to inadequate food and/or water.  But the horses are there.  Similar to the Caliente HA Complex.

The horses are followed closely by the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates group, with photos and videos posted to their FB page daily.

Personnel with PNMWHA are trained to dart mares with PZP, and although the practice is sometimes discussed on FB, they rarely if ever show how it’s done.  The goal of these ‘humane management practices’ is zero population growth.

So when the BLM comes along and decides to remove the horses, how can you argue against it?

Both parties want FEWER HORSES ON THE RANGE.  It’s only a question of technique.

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