Congressman Holds Wild Horse ‘Unity’ Conference

Chris Stewart (R-UT) sponsored a roundtable yesterday in Salt Lake City to discuss WHB management in his state.  He’s no friend of the horses.  There are too many of them and they go outside their herd management areas, according to a report posted 08/01/18 by KMYU-TV.

The estimated WHB population in Utah is 5,000 animals, with an AML of 2,500 (stats cited in the story, numbers from the BLM put the AML at 1,911).

This is another example of misuse of figures.  You can’t compare 5,000 to 2,500 because they don’t have the same land-basis.


The ranching industry appeared to be under-represented at the conference, judging by the list of guests, but maybe that was by design.  Perhaps the event was held to give the impression he’s interested in the advocacy viewpoint?  You know, they always kiss you before they screw you.

Chris Stewart is no conservative paragon.  Almost certainly he’s in the back pocket of the beef lobby.  He received a Liberty Score® of ‘D’ (67%) at Conservative Review.

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