Sterilization Research Proposed for Wild Horses

There are some sick minds in the federal government and the BLM is no exception.

They’re trying to develop methods for cutting ovaries out of mares (while keeping the mortality rate to an ‘acceptable’ level, of course).  In the following video, one of the wild horse Mengeles carries out the procedure for your viewing enjoyment.

According to the statement posted with the video, “…no highly effective, easily delivered and affordable fertility-control methods are currently available to manage wild horse and burro populations.”

In other words, PZP darting of mares is too expensive, too difficult to administer and doesn’t provide a lasting solution (to the wild horse ‘problem’).  We have to come up with something better, such as sterilization or euthanization of ‘excess’ animals.

All of this is a scam.  It’s not about saving money on roundups.  There are no plans to close departments, sell buildings and lay people off if the techniques are successful.  The goal is to clear the deck for more livestock grazing on public lands set aside for wild horses and burros in 1971.

And don’t forget the kooks at Protect the Harvest who put together a rodeo to showcase these mutilated ponies.

Clearly, they are in bed with folks at the Burns office, who posted the video.

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