Railroad Valley Base Property on the Market for $14 Million

The listing on Redfin says the property, known as Cross L Ranch, covers 3,314 deeded acres in Nye County, NV, with access to 13,289 AUMs on BLM grazing allotments.

Cattle run on public lands most of the year, except for a few months when they retreat to the deeded acreage for the off season.

The ranch is offered with approximately 800 head of cattle plus equipment.

There are several pastures with water sources, six wells, 250 acres of alfalfa-grass under pivot and 40 acres of wheel line, visible in the following video.

The Operator Information Report at RAS ties the ranch to one grazing authorization and the Allotment Information Report links it to the Nyala and Red Bluff allotments, both in the Tonopah Field Office.

Nyala offers 13,255 active AUMs on 321,274 public acres and Red Bluff offers 34 active AUMs on 12,125 public acres, according to the Allotment Master Report, for a weighted average 39.9 AUMs per year per thousand public acres, enough to support 3.3 wild horses per thousand public acres.

The Authorization Use Report shows grazing seasons.

Both allotments are in the Improve category.

Nyala overlaps the Quinn and South Pancake Herd Areas, as shown in the National Data Viewer.  Red Bluff intersects Quinn.  Click on map to open in new tab.

Cross L Ranch Allotments 05-15-23

The forage assigned to livestock in the two allotments would support 1,100 wild horses.

A nonprofit with a solid donor base could purchase the property and petition the BLM for a change in livestock types and grazing seasons, allowing wild horses to graze on public lands, as American Prairie did for bison in Montana.

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