Winnemucca Base Property Hits Market for $11.2 Million

The ranch covers 3,621 deeded acres along the Humboldt River, according to the agent’s listing, with grazing preference on the Sonoma Allotment.

The Allotment Master Report puts it in the Improve category, with 1,485 active AUMs.

The Authorization Use Report indicates a four-month grazing season.

Where do you suppose the cattle go during the off season?

Most of the public land, representing about 50% of the total, is in the Sonoma Range HA, as shown in the following map from the National Data Viewer.  Click on image to open in new tab.

The new owner need not run cattle on Sonoma.

He could petition the BLM for a change in livestock type and season of use, as American Prairie did in Montana, allowing horses to return to a small part of their lawful home.

Sonoma Allotment Map 02-21-23

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