Apache Wild Horses Outpacing Efforts to Remove Them?

Although 215 trespass horses have been trapped and removed in the past year, the Forest Service hasn’t made a dent in the overall numbers, according to a report dated April 21 by the White Mountain Independent.

A spokesman said the Forest Service will likely have to enter into a long-term contract to keep the herd from rebounding.

What do you suppose that might involve?

Advocates with the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, an affiliate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, a leader in the wild horse removal industry, have already offered to get rid of the herd with a safe, proven and reversible fertility control program that sterilizes the mares in four to five years.

The contract would likely amount to a memorandum of understanding or zero-dollar purchase order.

Donors to these organizations would foot the bill, not taxpayers.

Ranchers in the area, the leading beneficiary of the effort, could pick up an easy tax deduction.

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