Salt River Advocates Mobilize in Favor of Alpine Ranchers

Although 43 wild horses were shot dead in October, as indicated in this story by the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, the losses will be much greater if the advocates have their way.

The bureaucrats want the horses gone.

The ranchers, whom they serve, want them gone.

The hunters and biologists want them gone.

So, the advocates, working in concert with state legislators, have drafted SB 1057, which would spread their ruinous darting program into the Apache National Forest.

Their ringleader, interviewed for the story, has already admitted that she’s getting rid of the Salt River herd with the Montana Solution.

Alternative C in the scoping newsletter for the livestock plan at TRNP may provide a solution that satisfies all of the stakeholders: Now that the herd has been thinned by shooting and trapping, a fully contracepted (sterilized) herd could be achieved and the horses could stay in the forest to live out their lives, a task for which the advocates are eminently qualified.

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