Advocates to ASNF: Let Us Fix Your Wild Horse Problem

The ringleader of the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, a surrogate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, told the White Mountain Independent in a story posted today that she has the solution for unauthorized livestock in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.

Pointing to the darting program at the Salt River, she explained:

“The SRWHMG fertility-control program has reduced the number of foals born in the Salt River wild horse population in the Tonto National Forest from more than 100 in 2019 to just two in 2021 and none yet for 2022.  The goal is to humanely decrease the size of the population over time so that it can remain in balance with its habitat [and other mandated uses of public lands].  This is what we have proposed to the Forest Service for the Alpine wild horses as well, but was rejected.  Now the Alpine wild horses will continue to grow while the Forest Service will continue to spend taxpayer money on removals.  These removals are not humane, not popular with the public, not cost efficient and not necessary.”

The advocates would protect the Apache wild horses from removal, whom the people of Arizona cherish and love, by getting rid of them with PZP, an EPA-registered pesticide.

Their words never match their deeds.

Ever notice that?

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For Your Cherished Ants and Roaches 08-30-22

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