How Much Land Have the Roberts Mountain Horses Lost?

Almost half, according to the following map from the National Data Viewer.

The HMAs, currently managed for wild horses, are shown in orange, while the HAs, where horses were found in 1971, are drawn in black.

The bureaucrats have empowered themselves to take away roughly half of their land, not just in the Roberts Mountain Complex, but across the American west, then give most of the remaining food and water to privately owned livestock.

Of the land taken away, almost all of the food and water have been assigned to livestock.

How do the advocates respond to this injustice?

You need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses.”

Deniz Bolbol TCF Darter 03-11-23

They are defeatists, no longer worthy of your financial support.

Here are the requirements for managing land principally but not necessarily exclusively for wild horses and burros:

  • The animals were there in 1971 when the Act became law.

Today, management actions are designed to achieve and maintain Appropriate Management Levels, an undefined term that appears in the current statute.

There is nothing in the statute that says AMLs must be small relative to the available resources!

They are, however, because the bureaucrats, who never have to face the voters, write their own rules, known as regulations.

Regulations are inferior to laws, which are written and approved by the people’s representatives, and must be consistent with them.

In America, we tell the government what to do, not the other way around.

Pay no attention to the Democrat Party and its sycophants, they are enemies of your liberty and autonomy.

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Land Lost in Roberts Mountain Complex 04-09-23

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