Decision Published for Roberts Mountain Complex

The Mount Lewis Field Office authorized the Proposed Action, according to a Decision Record dated April 7, clearing the way for an initial roundup of approximately 1,000 wild horses, followed by removal of 954.

Mares returned to the Complex would be treated with pesticides and/or IUDs.

Stallions would be released in numbers that skew the sex ratio in favor of males.

The Complex consists of three HMAs northwest of Eureka, NV and is subject to permitted grazing.

Curiously, one of the ranchers who testified against SB90 runs cattle in the area.

The Final EA and other related documents have been copied to the project folder.

The BLM’s response to comments begins in Section 17.0 of the Supplemental Information Report.

Approximately 3,600 form letters were received from followers of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, demanding the use of PZP, among other things, an indication of the malice of its leadership and brainwashing of its supporters.

Form Letter for PZP 04-08-23

Note that they didn’t refer to it as reversible.

Concerns about forage allocations, although valid, were outside the scope of the project, which was a resource enforcement decision, not an RMP amendment.

RELATED: Roberts Mountain Pest Control Plan Goes Public.

Roberts Mountain Complex Map 04-08-23

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