Roberts Mountain Pest Control Plan Goes Public

The project folder populated overnight.  The Draft Environmental Assessment and Supplemental Information Report are available for review and comment.

The project area is about three times larger than the HMAs.  Refer to Map 2 in the SIR, page 124 in the pdf, which also shows the overlapping allotments.

The numbers in Table 3 of the EA are a bit confusing.

The curent population is thought to be 1,176.  The initial roundup would target 1,000 wild horses and 809 would be removed.

That means 191 could be returned to the Complex, leaving a post-gather population of 367, but the table says 222.

The combined AML is 184.

The best way to protect them from removal is to get rid of them with the Montana Solution, according to the advocates.

Table 15 provides data for permitted grazing.  An estimate of the forage assigned to livestock inside the HMAs, the number of horses displaced from their lawful home by permitted grazing and the True AML should be possible.

Comments can be submitted online through September 20.

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UPDATE: Comment period announced in BLM news release dated August 22.

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