New Resource Enforcement Plan for Roberts Mountain Complex?

A project has been created in ePlanning but no documents have been posted.

The Proposed Action features cruel and costly helicopter roundups, treatment of mares with PZP-22 and sex ratio skewing over a ten-year period, according to the project description.

The new EA builds on an assessment from 2007, available from the UNR Wild Horse and Burro Collection.

The Complex covered approximately 162,000 acres in central Nevada and included the Roberts Mountain HMA, Whistler Mountain HMA and a small portion of the Fish Creek HMA.  Refer to Section 1 and Map 3 of the old EA.

The Western Watersheds map shows the current arrangement.

Roberts Mountain Complex Map 08-21-22

The Complex was subject to permitted grazing.  The old EA indicates in Section 3.2 that livestock in Roberts Mountain received 89.6% of the authorized forage.

The numbers may change in the new EA but old EA tells you that the HMA had resource management issues, like many others.

The advocates won’t talk about that but will tell you that the horses can be protected from removal by getting rid of them with PZP.

“We’re changing the way wild horse herds are managed, not their land.”

They are shills for the public-lands ranchers.

The comment period begins August 22 and runs through September 20 so the document folder will likely be populated within the next 24 hours.

Western Horse Watchers was unable to find a scoping announcement at the BLM news site and a press release kicking off the public review may or may not be posted.

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