American Prairie Acquires Another Base Property

This report by the Billings Gazette parallels a news release from American Prairie.

The property covers 4,960 total acres southwest of Malta, MT, including 3,075 deeded acres, 1,245 BLM acres and 640 state acres, according to the listing on Land & Farm.

The BLM land lies within the North Wild Horse Allotment, adjacent to the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

The Allotment Master Report puts it in the Custodial category, with 1,142 public acres and 143 active AUMs per year, enough to support twelve wild horses.

The Authorization Use Report shows a year-round grazing season.

American Prairie did not indicate if it would petition the BLM for a change in livestock type, to allow bison on the allotment instead of cattle.

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North Wild Horse Allotment Map 03-31-23

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